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Our Team

Our international team builds on broad skills and decades of expertise ranging from business development, finance, supply chain, as well as project development, engineering, and construction.  Our competitiveness is further increased by several strong partnerships, and we rely on a number of well recognized, external experts.  We apply our experiences and our skills to develop new businesses around clean and/or renewable technologies.


Company’s Partners:


  • Leading German Powerhouse and EPC


BCleantech has signed a Letter Agreement with this German giant. The two companies agree to collaborate on the development, the financing and the construction of Solar Power plants for a specific market segment


  • Leading UK Solar EPC


BCleantech has signed a MOU for the development of turn-key solar power plants for specific applications in Africa.






Emirates Capital is a European Merchant Bank offering services in Investment Management and Corporate Finance. Emirates Capital is headquartered in Dubai and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). Emirates Capital is well connected across the major international financial centers, and is well established in the Middle East being one of the first banks to join the FIFC.






OCC is a general management and finance consultancy company based in Tokyo, Japan. Among its vavious activities, OCC is specialized in solar project development and solar project finance.






Transitive Management is highly specialized in all aspects of the industrial Supply Chain Optimization, including purchasing. One of their industry specialty is Solar.

Company’s Advisory board:
Company’s Co-Founders and  Directors:
Company's Key contributors:
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