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Our team champions the growth of clean technologies, focusing particularly on solar. We create value with business projects at the edge of the renewable and cleantech domains. Through our main activity, as general partner,  we lead the development of new markets, providing complete packages (financial and technical) to build new businesses. We also provide consultancy services where we can leverage our expertise to accelerate and optimize the growth of new projects, new technologies, new markets, and new geographies; therefore increasing profits for our customers. Specifically, we are active as:
Renewable Project Development & Finance Consultancy


Our consultants and our partners are experts in the various steps of renewable project development:

  • Project origination

  • Land development and permitting

  • PPA negotiation

  • Supplier contracting

  • Project structure and project finance

  • Project construction



General Partner Services




In this area we are active in two ways:

  • We develop original funds focused on cleantech and renewable businesses, identify partners, look for financial funding and manage the portfolio of investments

  • We take participations in renewable start-ups as a compensation for the business management support we provide


Solar Expertise Consultancy Services




Our long experience in the solar industry at all steps of the value chain helps our customers when they need:

  • Due Dilligence and business plan validation support

  • Interim management

  • Networking support



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